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Module 2 in the annual training system
Vadym Sanzharov
Ancestral programs”
* START: June, 24
The root of many diseases is in the family system.
What experience have you inherited?
What experience will you pass on to your children?
And how does it affect your life right now?
Often we don't think about it.
How do ancestral programs cause illness?
What are hereditary diseases and how to get rid of them?
Why is our current state influenced by a number of ancestral factors?
How to detect negative family scenarios and get out of them?
The main question:
is it possible to get rid of a specific disease here and now by working with the ancestral system?
Что включает в себя
психосоматика рода
по методу Санжарова?
What does the psychosomatics of the family according to the Sanzharov method include?
Ancestral system and ancestral programs
Healing the inner woman and inner man
Diseases from childhood traumas.Forgiveness and acceptance of parents
Laws of the family
Separation from parents
Acceptance of the world and oneself in the world
Amazon conflict
Conflict of the “dangerous man”
Child-parent relationships
Ancestral resource. Activating winning strategies of the family.
Working with confidence and self-esteem
At each stage, work takes place at 2 levels:
Have hereditary or chronic diseases
Who is especially interested in taking this course?
Lack of energy and resources
Chronic tension, irritation, anxiety, fears
Problems with self-esteem, realization, finances
Difficulties in relationships with parents
Difficulties in love life
Frequent illnesses, poor health, weak immunity
Every person has ancestors.
Whether we like it or not, behind each of us there is a whole string of generations. This is very similar to genetics, only at the psychosomatic level.
To be born, we needed:
The last 11 generations are
2 parents
4 grandparents
8 great-grandparents
16 great-great-grandparents and so on
There are so many destinies, characters, scenarios, behavior patterns, reactions.

And all this is inside us and affects our health, quality of life, state here and now.
For example:
Parents who have faced pain in their lives, the loss of vital contact, can pass this strategy on to their children. Then the skin may react.
Violations of the hierarchy in the family system can lead to problems with the musculoskeletal system. For example, if a person takes responsibility for his parents, he feels indebted to them and devalues himself and his actions.
The cause of gynecological diseases, infertility, painful periods, impotence, and lack of libido may be a violation of one of the laws of the family - the law of hierarchy.
Disturbances in the ancestral system or ancestral programs can be the basis for the occurrence of absolutely any disease. And therefore, even after treating a symptom, it returns or another one occurs.
Because you need to work with the root of the problem.
Course “Psychosomatics. Ancestral programs" is a set of tools for working at the deepest level.
What does a person get as a result?
Health, harmonious relationships with loved ones, the possibility of self-realization. He creates the basis for a truly healthy and happy life.
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1. Introduction to family psychosomatics. Signs of ancestral programs. How to maintain contact with your family lineage.

2. Laws of the family. The law of belonging. Why are we living someone else's life? Why are we living a destiny that is not ours,feeling emotions that are not ours? Causes of hereditary diseases. Diagnostics and transformation.
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