Psychosomatic specialist
Vadym Sanzharov
The calling of my entire life is psychosomatics. I came to psychosomatics from physical practices, working in the fields of kinesiology and osteopathy. But gradually I came to the understanding that physical problems are not just disturbances
in the body. We know that symptoms in the body are caused by some changes in the tissues. But why did these changes start to occur?
Hello, my name is Vadim Sanzharov. What do I do?
I am the author of a book on psychosomatics, which I plan to translate into English soon.
I began to look deeper into this question and study psychology, psychosomatics, biological decoding, and hypnosis.
I am also the creator of a large active school on psychosomatics for non-English speaking audience with over 500K subscribers on Instagram.
At the moment, I am preparing several of my basic programs for my English-speaking audience and will soon present them on this account.
Personal consultation with English speaking specialist of my team
You can get a consultation on psychosomatics from an english-speaking specialist on my team.

It takes place online via video communication on Zoom. The duration is 1 hour. Please DM me for booking an appointment
please dm me for booking
United Arabian Emirates, Dubai.

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